Who is BEK?

BEK we’re on the way!

BEK Moving Co was started on June 20th, 2017 when Blake Baumgarte, Justin Eslinger, and Tim Kikas (BEK) decided to take a step forward and legitimize a dream and idea.

For Years each of us had worked within the moving industry. Working and managing the larger name companies familiar to the St. Louis area. We learned the ins and outs of the moving industry and gained invaluable knowledge and training.

As we grew older, we noticed a small lack of consistency in the daily product that was being put together and on the job within the companies we worked for. To be transparent we noticed a lack of local flare and the thought began to rise. Can we do it better? Can we create an experience unlike any other in the moving industry? 

We knew that it began with us. The owners had to prove that we are willing to use our knowledge and experience to help teach our crew members and help educate and reduce the stress of the client we are moving. We committed ourselves to a new training regimen. Sought out friends and family we could trust and knew for years and began hiring men with impeccable character and work ethic.

We know moving is more than just picking up and putting down heavy furniture. We know that each move comes with a life experience. Our commitment is to create the smoothest, stress free, and fun moving experience you could have.

Let BEK Moving Co show you why we are St. Louis, MO highest rated moving company. Why we are changing the industry standard.

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